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Tooth Decay Risk Assessment: Keeping Your Family’s Smiles Safe from Cavities

January 20, 2015

Though dental decay is 100 percent preventable, it is still the most prevalent disease affecting children in the United States today. In fact, dental disease results in approximately 51 million hours of lost school work every year in children 18 and under. American adults lose an estimated 164 million hours of work each year due to the same problem. At the office of Dr. Mindy Salzberg-Siegel in Clinton Township, MI, our team works with families from throughout our community to ensure healthy smiles at every stage of life. We accomplish this by offering an all-encompassing range of risk assessments and screening procedures, including those specifically designed to identify risk factors for dental cavities.

Understanding Your Tooth Decay Risk

There are a number of reasons that children and adults develop dental caries, more commonly known as cavities. The most common risk factors include:

  • Dry mouth
  • Frequent snacking
  • Drinking beverages other than water between meals
  • Eating or drinking right before bed (after brushing teeth)
  • Improper brushing techniques
  • Insufficient fluoride intake
  • Too much sugar, starch, or carbonated beverages in daily diet
  • Tooth crowding
  • Eating disorders
  • Poor oral hygiene (specifically failure to floss regularly or properly)

Tooth decay isn’t always easily detected in its earliest stages. In fact, incipient interproximal caries (early decay that occurs between teeth) are incredibly difficult to see without the proper technology and an experienced dental professional’s expertise. That is why our office incorporates state-of-the-art dental tools, equipment, and technology, giving you the greatest advantage in the fight against dental cavities.

Protect Your Smile: Schedule Your Visit Today

With the most advanced technology in the industry combined with a caring and gentle approach, Dr. Salzberg-Siegel helps the families of Clinton Township, MI and the surrounding communities keep their smiles free of cavities and looking their best. Contact us today to schedule your consultation with our team, and learn how to assess your own risk of dental caries with the free screening application at We genuinely look forward to helping you keep your smile safe from decay and disease, always utilizing the latest in state-of-the-art methods, equipment, and treatments. Our family-friendly, patient-centric office proudly serves patients from throughout Clinton Township, Shelby, Saint Clair Shores, Mount Clemens, Sterling Heights, Fraser, and beyond.

Cavity Detection, Prevention & Treatment with the CAMBRA System

July 21, 2014

Tooth decay (also known as dental caries) is the most widespread chronic disease in children, adolescents, and adults in the U.S. Left untreated, dental caries can lead to an entire host of potentially more serious oral health issues, making it one of the primary concerns for both dentists and their patients. At Mindy Salzberg-Siegel, DDS, PC in Clinton Township, MI, Dr. Salzberg-Siegel and her team utilize advanced technology and a proven anti-cavity hygiene approach called CAMBRA (Caries Management By Risk Assessment). In conjunction with this system, we offer products from CariFree that specifically target the underlying issues behind recurrent tooth decay.

Benefits of CAMBRA and CariFree Technology

The primary advantage of the CAMBRA model is that it essentially emphasizes the need to consider all contributing factors in the case of dental caries as a state of disease. The patient’s individual level of risk – as well as the appropriate methods of treatment and prevention – is paramount to successful recovery from dental caries and the complications they may cause. The proven CAMBRA approach, utilized every day by Dr. Salzberg-Siegel and her team, takes into account the disease of dental caries in its entirety. It focuses on healing and reversing damage caused by chronic decay problems in a way that simultaneously aids in the prevention of further harm.

At Mindy Salzberg-Siegel, DDS, PC, we strive every day to help patients with recurrent decay overcome their condition in a way that actually suits their lifestyle. This is why we incorporate CariFree professional grade products into our patients’ oral hygiene regimens. This revolutionary line of anti-cavity products effectively alters and improves the oral environment to promote a healthier pH balance and to encourage the development of beneficial bacteria. CariFree rinses, tooth gels, oral wipes, sprays, and gum are especially beneficial to patients who:

  • Experience chronic halitosis (bad breath)
  • Suffer from gum disease
  • Have cavities
  • Have xerostomia (dry mouth)
  • Experience difficulty properly brushing their teeth
  • Simply want to ensure the long-term health of their teeth and gums

Tooth Decay Checklist: When is it Time for Concern?

When it comes to your risk of developing tooth decay, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you ever notice plaque buildup on your teeth?
  2. Have you had a cavity in the past 24 months?
  3. Do you ever notice that your mouth is dry?
  4. Do you snack in between meals?
  5. Do you wear any type of oral appliance?
  6. Do you smoke?
  7. Do you have acid reflux?
  8. Are you diabetic?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it would be a good idea to contact Dr. Salzberg-Siegel’s office for a CariFree assessment. It might just be your key to success in decreasing your risk of cavities and improving your oral health. To learn more, read about CariFree and CAMBRA here.

Experience the difference that a genuine commitment to your oral health can make for you. Our state-of-the-art dental practice in Clinton Township, MI proudly serves families from throughout the surrounding areas as well, including Shelby, Fraser, Mount Clemens, Sterling Heights, and more.

Dr. Salzberg-Siegel Prevent Halloween Cavities with CariFree

October 15, 2013

Halloween is just weeks away. Children get excited about it, but so do adults. After all, who doesn’t like a little candy from time to time?

As fun as Halloween is, though, it’s important to remember how sugar affects teeth. While sugar itself doesn’t cause cavities, the interaction between sugar and certain bacteria does. When these two mix, they create an acidic environment that encourages decay and cavities. Children are especially at risk, because they’re just learning to brush.

Thankfully, with the products offered by CariFree, Dr. Salzberg-Siegel can help patients of all ages enjoy better protection from bacteria and decay. CariFree is an innovative system designed to stop tooth decay before it starts.

How Does CariFree work?

CariFree works by promoting remineralization. When our teeth decay, the protective layer of enamel on the outside weakens. Remineralization is about strengthening enamel with the minerals it needs to stand up against bacteria and acid.

During your family’s visits to our Clinton Township office, we can determine you and your child’s risk for decay with a quick, painless test. First, we’ll swab your teeth to collect a small amount of plaque. Looking at your sample will help us determine how many cavity-causing bacteria are in your mouth. If you or your child has a high level of bacteria or is at risk for developing a cavity, Dr. Salzberg-Siegel will recommend a treatment plan with one or more CariFree products, plus nutritional advice. We may even recommend a general and restorative dental service.

Of course, we want our patients to have a good time on Halloween, so don’t feel guilty about enjoying a few pieces of candy—just remember to brush and floss afterwards. You may also want to substitute traditional candy for candy sweetened with xylitol. This naturally-occurring sweetener doesn’t react with bacteria the way normal sugar does. As a result, your family and your friends in the community can still have fun this Halloween without putting your oral health at risk.

Would you like to have your family tested for cavities and bacteria before or after Halloween? Call Dr. Salzberg-Siegel’s Clinton Township office for an appointment. We serve patients from Sterling Heights, Macomb, Shelby Township, and all surrounding areas.

Spring Has Sprung and the Bacteria Are Blooming

May 10, 2013

Every year, the warmer temperatures of spring signal the start of something new—fresh flowers, green grass, and refreshing rainfall. Not everything comes just once a year though.

When it comes to your smile, the bacteria in your mouth are always blooming (which the ADA talks about here). Two kinds in particular are responsible for a common dental problem like cavities: Streptococcus mutans and Streptococcus sobrinus. Fueled by sugar and other carbs, these bacteria multiply, triggering the demineralization of tooth enamel and causing cavities.

Keep Your Smile Healthy with a Regular Home Care Routine

To control these bacteria, and the resulting decay, one of the best things you can do is maintain a regular home care routine.  We recommend brushing twice a day, flossing at least once, and using a trusted antibacterial or fluoride mouthwash.

As effective as this routine can be, though, it can be undermined by not brushing for at least two minutes. Toothbrushes from Sonicare make this easy with a two-minute timer, while some children’s brushes are designed to play a song for two minutes, giving your son or daughter a fun way to brush for the recommended amount of time.

Flossing may not seem that important compared to brushing, but it is. Flossing helps you remove food particles from between teeth. When these particles aren’t removed, they’ll break down over time, leading to an increased risk of gum disease and decay

Regular Visits for Yourself and Your Family

In addition to brushing and flossing at home, regular visits are also important. We recommend seeing Dr. Salzberg-Siegel twice a year for an oral exam and professional cleaning. We can also use products like CariFree and Oxyfresh to provide more comprehensive care. CariFree measures the amount of cavity-causing bacteria in the mouth while Oxyfresh targets the sulphur compounds that cause bad breath.

On top of all this, Dr. Salzberg-Siegel can also advise you on how to set a good example for your child at home. One way is by making it a point to brush together until your child is old enough to brush on his or her own.

Is It Time for Your Family’s Next Checkup?

To schedule a routine visit for yourself or your child, call our Clinton Township dental office. During your visit Dr. Salzberg-Siegel can talk to you about your home care routine and can recommend changes or improvements if need be. Our office serves patients from communities all around Clinton Township.

The Importance of Freedom

July 13, 2012

We’ve just celebrated another Fourth of July, and from all of us at Dr. Salzberg-Siegel’s office, we hope you had a fun and safe holiday.

What’s more, with the Fourth still fresh on our minds, we’d like to use today’s post to talk a little bit about freedom.

Americans put a high value on freedom. It’s part of what makes our nation so great. Besides having the freedom to explore all the great corners of our country, freedom gives our children the chance to pursue their dreams, and makes it possible for all of us to live according to our beliefs, consciences, and talents.

That’s not all we’re talking about when we talk about freedom, though. You also have the freedom to choose your own dentist instead of having one chosen for you by your insurance. That means you can see the doctor who will give you the best care.

That’s incredibly important!

You want a dentist who is committed to protecting smiles from common problems like cavities.  At Dr. Mindy Salzberg-Siegel’s office in Clinton Township, we do that every day using CareFree’s great products. With CariFree, we can help our patients correct the bacterial imbalance that causes cavities to form, creating healthy smiles in the process.

If you’d like to know more about CariFree, or you’d like to learn more about cavities themselves, we hope you’ll visit the CariFree website. There, you’ll find a wealth of information on the myths associated with cavities and tips on preventing them. All of this is invaluable information.

We’d also like to invite you to give our Clinton Township dental office a call if it’s time for your next visit. During your appointment we can talk to you about your smile, CariFree’s many products, and tips for keeping your smile clean. Call us today. We’ve been serving patients from Clinton Township and beyond for more than 25 years and we look forward to helping you.