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Dr. Salzberg-Siegel Prevent Halloween Cavities with CariFree

October 15, 2013

Halloween is just weeks away. Children get excited about it, but so do adults. After all, who doesn’t like a little candy from time to time?

As fun as Halloween is, though, it’s important to remember how sugar affects teeth. While sugar itself doesn’t cause cavities, the interaction between sugar and certain bacteria does. When these two mix, they create an acidic environment that encourages decay and cavities. Children are especially at risk, because they’re just learning to brush.

Thankfully, with the products offered by CariFree, Dr. Salzberg-Siegel can help patients of all ages enjoy better protection from bacteria and decay. CariFree is an innovative system designed to stop tooth decay before it starts.

How Does CariFree work?

CariFree works by promoting remineralization. When our teeth decay, the protective layer of enamel on the outside weakens. Remineralization is about strengthening enamel with the minerals it needs to stand up against bacteria and acid.

During your family’s visits to our Clinton Township office, we can determine you and your child’s risk for decay with a quick, painless test. First, we’ll swab your teeth to collect a small amount of plaque. Looking at your sample will help us determine how many cavity-causing bacteria are in your mouth. If you or your child has a high level of bacteria or is at risk for developing a cavity, Dr. Salzberg-Siegel will recommend a treatment plan with one or more CariFree products, plus nutritional advice. We may even recommend a general and restorative dental service.

Of course, we want our patients to have a good time on Halloween, so don’t feel guilty about enjoying a few pieces of candy—just remember to brush and floss afterwards. You may also want to substitute traditional candy for candy sweetened with xylitol. This naturally-occurring sweetener doesn’t react with bacteria the way normal sugar does. As a result, your family and your friends in the community can still have fun this Halloween without putting your oral health at risk.

Would you like to have your family tested for cavities and bacteria before or after Halloween? Call Dr. Salzberg-Siegel’s Clinton Township office for an appointment. We serve patients from Sterling Heights, Macomb, Shelby Township, and all surrounding areas.

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