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Diagnosing Sleep Apnea in Clinton Township with Your Fitbit

November 12, 2017

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Sleep apnea is a medical condition that temporarily halts breathing during sleep. The disorder affects millions of people in the United States and many of them don’t even know they have it. Now, Fitbit is working to remedy that. The digital health company that markets wristbands to track activity is working with a combination of optical sensors and machine learning tools to accurately identify sleep apnea right from your wrist. If you have sleep apnea in Clinton Township, you may soon be able to recognize the condition.

What is Sleep Apnea?

As mentioned above, sleep apnea causes the temporary cessation of breathing. There are two types: Central sleep apnea, which is a brain-based condition, and obstructive sleep apnea or OSA. This is far more common and occurs when your airway becomes partially blocked by soft tissue in your throat.

What are the Signs of Sleep Apnea?

Because your airway is blocked, breathing is restricted. As a result of this restriction, there may snoring—loud snoring. However, this annoying sound is not the only sign of sleep apnea. Other symptoms include:

  • A sore throat or dry mouth when you wake up in the morning
  • Frequent urination during the night
  • Tension headaches
  • Fatigue during the day
  • Moodiness or irritability
  • Trouble with concentration and memory

How is Sleep Apnea Diagnosed?

Traditionally, sleep apnea is diagnosed during a sleep study that is conducted overnight at home or in a sleep lab. This test is the gold standard when it comes to determining whether or not a person needs treatment for sleep apnea.

However, for many people a sleep study is not convenient. Therefore, the condition goes undiagnosed and they run the risk of developing other medical conditions that are associated with sleep apnea such as high blood pressure, stroke, heart failure and depression.

“There’s a vast number of people who go undiagnosed with this condition,” said James Park, Fitbit’s co-founder and chief executive officer, said in an interview with The Verge. “We think we can actually start to surface these issues for people over time, which can have a profound impact on people’s health.”

How is Sleep Apnea Treated in Clinton Township?

Until fairly recently, a CPAP– Continuous Positive Air Pressure—machine was the only option. But many patients don’t use their CPAP machine consistently because they can be uncomfortable.

Fortunately, there is a good alternative. Dr. Salzberg-Siegel can prescribe a snoreguard, which is an oral appliance that is worn nightly. A snoreguard gently shifts your jaw and tongue slightly forward so you airway stays open.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed, then see your dentist in Clinton Township for diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea.

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Mindy Salzberg-Siegel is a family and cosmetic dentist. For sleep apnea in Clinton Township, she has helped many patients with a snoreguard that allows them to breath and get the rest they need.

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