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If You Wear Dentures, Clinton Township Dentist has Tips on Care and Eating

April 23, 2018

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With new manufacturing techniques and more lifelike materials, dentures are better than ever for teeth replacement. If you do decide on dentures to restore your smile, then caring for them is essential to your oral health and the longevity of your prosthetics. Similarly, you’ll need to change how you handle your food. That’s why if you wear dentures, Clinton Township dentist has a few tips to help you.

Tips for Denture Care

  1. Dentures are meant to be worn. Wear your dentures as much as possible during the day to help prevent additional bone loss in your jaw.
  2. Rinse your dentures after you eat to remove particles of food and debris. This can help you avoid infection of gum tissue under your dentures.
  3. Make sure to clean your dentures over a soft surface such as a sink filled with water or a folded towel. Dropping dentures on a hard surface can cause them to break.
  4. Use a brush with very soft bristles and toothpaste made especially for dentures to clean them every night.
  5. Never let your dentures dry out, which can cause them to warp. Store them overnight in enough water to completely cover, making sure to use cool water.
  6. Two or three nights a week add denture-cleaning tablets to the water when you soak your dentures.
  7. Dentures are not chew toys. Unfortunately, dogs don’t know this so don’t leave dentures where your pet can get them. Yours wouldn’t be the first set of dentures to come back to the dentist in Clinton Township with a dog’s teeth marks!

Eating with Dentures

Getting used to eating with dentures will require patience and practice. Eventually, you will likely be able to enjoy a normal diet. However, you may need to make some changes.

First, know that eating with dentures is going to feel different than when you had natural teeth. Initially, you may want to eat soft foods that are cut into small pieces. Chew slowly and use both sides of your mouth simultaneously in order to prevent dentures from shifting.

Similarly, try not to bite at the front of your mouth with dentures. This too can make dentures unstable, leading to sore gum tissue. Use your canines to bite down hard.

As you become accustomed to eating with dentures, you’ll be able to add firmer foods to your meals. However, avoid chewing gum and eating or drinking hot foods and beverages. You may also want to avoid seeds and nuts, because these can slip under dentures and irritate soft tissue.

If you need help with a specific denture concern, or if your prosthetic needs adjusting, please call the office today.

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Mindy Salzberg-Siegel is a family and cosmetic dentist. She has been creating beautiful smiles with dentures in Clinton Township for many years and she can do the same for you! Contact the office today.

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