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The “Dentist Near Me” in Clinton Township is Dr. Salzberg-Siegel

November 15, 2016

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Let’s be honest—Google is great! You can ask it anything. Google, what should I make for dinner? Grilled cheese pizza sandwiches. What’s the square root of 200? 14.1421356237. What’s the weather going to be like today? Partly cloudy and 58. Who’s the dentist near me that offers comprehensive dental care? Dr. Mindy Salzberg-Siegel. But you don’t have to take Google’s word for it. There are many people in and around Clinton Township who trust their smiles to Dr. Salzberg-Siegel. She and her staff offer all of the dental services you need to take care of your family’s smiles. And our office is conveniently located at 38550 Garfield Road between Clinton River Road and 17 Mile Road. We make it easy to maintain your oral and general health.

General and Preventive Dentistry

Your smile may begin in your mouth but the effects certainly don’t end there. The condition of your teeth and gums can impact the health and quality of your life to say nothing of the face that you present to the world. To help you maintain your smile, Dr. Salzberg-Siegel recommends scheduling dental checkups at least twice each year. At these visits, one of our dental hygienists will clean and polish your teeth so your smile sparkles and your mouth is refreshed. In addition, we’ll also closely examine your teeth and gums to find signs of decay and gum disease. Tooth decay is a dental disease that can quickly damage a tooth if left untreated. In most cases, Dr. Salzberg-Siegel can place a tooth-colored filling to restore your tooth’s form and function.

To keep your gums healthy, we offer periodontal therapy. When tartar accumulates along the gum line threatening to destroy soft tissue and the underlying bone structure, treatment is imperative. We offer a deep cleaning that includes scaling to remove tartar, root planing to smooth root surfaces and Arestin, a topical antibiotic to kill bacterial infection.

Cosmetic Dentistry

While our first priority is the health of your smile, Dr. Salzberg-Siegel and her team certainly understand your desire to have a smile that looks terrific. That’s why we offer a number of cosmetic dentistry services. One of the most commonly requested is teeth whitening. The Rembrandt® Sapphire™ in-office teeth whitening system uses a powerful bleaching solution that is activated and accelerated with a special light. After only one treatment, your smile can be up to nine shades brighter.

To correct other cosmetic imperfections there are porcelain veneers and Lumineers, cosmetic bonding, Invisalign®, Snap-On-Smile and smile makeovers.

Call Your Dentist Near Me Today

Take Google’s advice and call the dental office of Dr. Mindy Salzberg-Siegel. You and your entire family will be glad you did.

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